The first month I was living in Mexico City, we decided to go to the lake and leave at 9:00am the next morning. At 8:55 I was packed and ready to walk out the door. Punctual as trained…let’s go!


The family appeared ready, gathered in summer wear around Abuelita’s modest, hand-laid mosaic stone courtyard. Nobody moved to go though, conversation continued, and we sat there. “Ahorita” they said.

30 minutes…

60 minutes

2 hours…

I was growing a little impatient (admittedly after only the first 30 minutes). “Ahorita” they said.

Nobody moved…still, and my limited Spanish left me wondering why we weren’t moving yet. Turns out they were waiting for the car that would transport us.

Two hours later we were still sitting around the front door, just talking and waiting. My anger started to boil and I was getting hungry. Why were we still sitting here? Everyone seemed relaxed and happy, conversing and just passing the time. “Ahorita” they said.

We were waiting on someone to bring a cooler now…and someone else was bringing some picnic supplies. Ahorita, Ahorita…

I tried to breathe, in and out. Tried to think of something else to pass the time, everyone else jovial, smiling, no care in the world.

Then it dawned on me…everyone else was calm…and I was working myself into a frenzy. I didn’t need to care this much about time that day! But ingrained in my head, deeply stained into my subconscious was that sweet United States expectation to be on time, be efficient, don’t waste a second and go, go, go.

We left 4 hours later than planned, but the trip turned out to be worth it. Enjoyed a sunset at the lake, while sucking on fishbones with lime and Valentina…quenching Coronita by my side.


Since then, I have learned how to be more flexible and understand that all good things do come, just not always on MY schedule.

See Mom? You were right…the world doesn’t revolve around me…and neither in Mexico.



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