Many, many people drive cars in Tijuana with San Diego plates. It’s not difficult to do as long as your car is registered and plates are up to date.

If you get a ticket from a traffic cop in Tijuana you may fall into a loophole. A lucky loophole that allows you to get away in not paying your ticket fine, since they have no efficient way of tracking you with San Diego plates. So, as you can imagine, most people ignore the ticket and move on.


We decided a long time ago to teach our boys about civic duty and how to be responsible and honest citizens. Especially since we in fact, did break the law by parking on the wrong side of the street. We talked it over.

Let’s do the right thing.

Take responsibility.

Be accountable for our actions.


The next day I went to work in San Diego and tasked my husband with going to the government office to pay the fine. No problem! I’ll take the boys before lunch, we’ll be out within an hour. The office itself is very close to us, maybe 5 minutes away.

Day 1: Husband arrives with three toddlers in tow, and asks the kind receptionist how we pay the fine. Kind receptionist tells us we are out of luck for the day, the judge is out of the office.

Day 2: Husband arrives three toddlers in tow, and inquires with the kind receptionist if the judge is in today. They are told to take a seat in the waiting area and wait for the judge. Judge never appears, even after 2 hours. They opt to return another day.

Day 3: Husband arrives three toddlers in tow, and alerts the kind receptionist they are ready to pay the fine, is the judge available? Kind receptionist recognizes the monkeys in his arms, informs him to have a seat and she will call you when ready. An hour later the judge calls them into her office

Judge: What can I do for you today (in Spanish of course)

Dear Husband: We’d like to pay the fine on this ticket.

Judge: Why? Nobody with California plates actually PAYS the tickets.

Dear Husband: Well, we broke the law by parking on the wrong side of the street. We think we should pay the ticket as a responsible citizen. It’s the honest thing to do.

Judge: Oh my! That is impressive that you guys are so honest. I really wish there were more people like you in our community. How about this. You give me $20 and we’ll just call it even, okay?

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