If you haven’t yet experienced any Tijuana Barber Shops, you don’t know what you are missing.

We all know women have certain luxuries: full day spas, facials, massage therapy, uplifting hairdressers and hours and hours of hair color treatments and mani/pedis.

We consider these essential for our well-being, and damn straight! I consider it even therapy to talk to my hairdresser about the latest drama.

We love this attention so much that you wouldn’t be surprised, salon services for women make up 95% of the entire market. This leaves only 5% for men-specific services like Barber Shops.

Even before the Covid lockdown, men were starting to grow their beards again. Influences like Games of Thrones and Vikings gave our man wicked courage to do what felt good.

Men of all ages were re-inspired to grow and groom that Northerner beard.

Whether it’s a full beard, Chin Strap, Goatee, or Balboa style, there are hundreds of neighborhood salons now that can help you keep it trim in San Diego.

And guess what’s making a comeback in Tijuana too?

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

Men’s Grooming is being embraced as the next major market in Tijuana.

If you have time to wash the car or get a coffee in Tijuana, you have time to visit a Tijuana Barber Shop too.

History of Barber Shops

Beards were once known as a sign of wisdom in Turkey and sign of high honor in Greece. In fact, beards were never cut until or unless they were being punished.

Originally, back in the 1880’s Barbers were considered surgeons and in very high demand as they also performed things like teeth cleaning, enemas and castrations.

Not a great visual, sorry boys.

Lucky for you that are bearded, these days Barbers stick to what they know best. They remain non-surgical, even in Tijuana (where rules aren’t always strictly followed), but do occasionally use the straight-edge razor.

The Best Thing About Tijuana Barber Shops

Don’t fret if prices are going gang-busters in San Diego, you can hop across the border for an amazing price, once you find a Barber that you love.

Every neighbor here is jumping on board. Rental space is cheap running around $300-700 per space location, which leaves just enough room for 3-5 old school barber chairs, and boom, instant business.

Barber shops are the fastest growing industry in the United States, and now Tijuana. Second only to coffee shops, these shops open (almost) faster than Oxxo, popping up on every corner.

Forbes reported that the barber shops market is coming back strong at nearly $26 billion per year, on the United States side.

There are ways to save money at Tijuana Barber Shops. At last calculation, the average cost on the U.S. side was $60 per appointment. Compare that to 200-300 pesos in Tijuana ($15-20 USD) and you can afford movies and a beer at the local VIP on your way out.

So next time you come down to visit family, maybe you can drop off the kids at the Abuelita’s house and get some much-needed chill time at the local barber.

Yelp has so many recommendations to choose from. Here are a few to get you started:

La Cacho: The Barber Shop

Zona Rio: The Barber’s Spa

And if you opt for this next cool spot, you must fill your gut first with some food from Telefonica Gastro Park, (this one is really a must) peep your head in (preferably after you finish your ice-cold beer) and ask for an appointment.

Downtown: The Barber Shop Tijuana

If you are close to the beach, maybe noshing on some incredible Taconazo Birria or Fantasma tacos….fill up and then make an appointment to stop in for a trim:

Playas: Noble & Fine Barber Shop

The best thing about Barber Shops in Tijuana is that they offer you a way to socialize and hang out with the guys, similar to old Roman bath houses, except you can keep your clothes on.

So bookmark this for later, because we’ll all need a good grooming, once they let us out of isolation.

Stay safe friends.

(photo credit: Photo by Thgusstavo Santana from Pexels)

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