I’m a few years past be President for “Student’s for Environmental Awareness” days at the local community college, but I do try to honor the earth and my neighbors still. You won’t find me protesting or hugging trees, but you will see me bring my own bags to OXXO and I have bought several thousands worms to help with composting.

(Don’t tell the animal activists please…the worms eventually died from neglect.)


I do what I can, when I can, which is not perfect but I think we all do our best right?

5 ways Mexico is pitching in


Lumina Cafe continues the #SinPopoteporfavor movement to draw attention to consumable plastic use. I prefer drinking with straws (to be completely honest) but I do notice that my Mojito soda lasts longer without the straw. With 8 million metric tons of plastic trash washing up on beaches each year – it will take a lot more work than just straws, but at least more and more are trying to raise awareness. So suck it straws !!

Several cafes already encourage customers to recycle the coffee sleeve but I’m willing to bet MANY people forget to think about it. Red Caffe found a way to cut down on trash even more. They recently followed Starbucks example and stopped handing out coffee sleeves that come with to-go cups. Not only does it save trash but smart financial move on their part too.

Many cafes will discount you 5 pesos if you bring your own cup. Takes a bit more planning on your part, but I finally made an effort this year and cut down on more than 700 coffee cups landing in the trash! That’s me ALONE! Imagine the possibilities.

Local OXXOs recently stopped handing out plastic bags, which I’m thrilled about because I always bring my own t-shirt bag (tutorial below). You wouldn’t believe that I can fit more than 10 lbs of milk, juice, and a ton of other items in this type of bag because the t-shirt material is so resilient and strong.

Local grocery stores stopped packing in groceries in plastic bags about 6 months ago, and then gave in to defeat when customers complained. This was a difficult step for me too, but I hope that I rose to the occasion a little? I do bring my own bag to local tortillerías and tiendas now. But I am silently thrilled that I can still depend on the plastic grocery bags because I reuse them for so many things. Hopefully everyone is reusing them too before tossing…and hopefully soon biodegradable plastic bags will become the norm…but until then…make your own bag!



Still waiting… for a cafe to bust out and offer cool incentives to customers when they bring their own cups. And I’m sorry but a 5 peso discount doesn’t seem to motivate many – we might need bigger bonuses.

Give me some lovin’ like a free punch on my frequent customer card? A free meal after 10 cups? Or how cool would it be to donate 10 pesos to the orphanage or local animal shelter for every cup you save?


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