A new shopping trend is coming through Tijuana and you can find it now on the beach side of town.

Boutiques. Bazaars. Gift Shops.

Think gifts… furniture or anything eclectic, quaint, upcycled, crafty and artistic. You could find anything from frames to retro boots and your great-grandmother’s antique tea china set. The owners of the gift shop are curators of their favorite colors, favorite styles, favorite things.

Soon to be yours.

Next time you are taking a break from the sand (or your husband, who is now drunk on the beach with his buddies talking about football) — grab a coffee and donate some dollars to your favorite past-time: shopping.

Centésimo Mono


Owned by a magnet therapy specialist, who also happens to have a terrific eye for second hand or antique decor. She has a natural talent in combining colors and textures that set a nice Moroccan, African, somewhere on a warm island vibe. Stop by Luwak Cafe for an incredible Espresso Lemonade and then make your rounds to this patio.



These store owners are trained architects, turned artists who also have occasional gallery openings to showcase their beautiful works of mosaic glass and painted creations. Around the corner from the Cafe Ross (who by the way also has their own antique collection to admire), you could grab a Choco Coco and wander around the store for a while.

Cafecito Bazar

Kind of like if Ross and an antique store had babies and then robbed a bank and fled to Mexico. Super cute store that sells great boutique items, clothing and home decor but then goes all out during the holidays with Christmas accents. Lumina Cafe is the place to pick up your Chai Latte and then cross the street and go south a block. They are right before the Farmacias Similares.

So many more places to tell you about – but you should really tell me what amazing things you find while you are here.

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