The weekend rolls along, and I’m always wishing for Tijuana attractions for us to visit.

Anything that will hold the kids interest, for more than a few hours, so we can take a break from video games.

On the other side of the border, they have more tax money dedicated to public resources like libraries and museums. Here, you have to be a bit more creative when visiting Tijuana.

tijuana museum
CECUT Tijuana Cultural Center

Fear not though – there are quite a few things to do with kids that will leave them in love with the 664:

  1. Fat Cat Breakfast – (Rosarito) : if you get to stay the night in Rosarito, wake up early to get in the door because they get busy on the weekends.
  2. Laser Quest  – (Rosarito) : work off the carbs by running around for a few games of laser tag. Walmart is close by if you need any necessities.
  3. Rocky Beach – (Rosarito) : follow maps to Robert’s K38 Tacos and enjoy searching crevices in the rocky beach to see what you find.
  4. Cinepolis VIP – (Zona Rio) : catch a first-class version of the movies and snacks in recliner chairs with personal servers to bring you anything on the menu. Bring a cozy blanket to make it feel even more like home.
  5. Malecon – (Playas de Tijuana) : if the Tijuana weather cooperates (and we know it always does), bring the family for a stroll on the beach and see if you are lucky enough to spot the local dolphins in the surf. Take pics of the most visited border area in all the world.
  6. ComicX – (Chapultepec) : Release your inner kid for another moment and enjoy dinner among superhero figurines like Iron Man, Batman and Wonder Woman and storefront.
  7. Tepoznieves – (Zona Urbana Rio) : more than 100 exotic flavors to choose from! You’ve never had ice cream like this, made authentically Mexican style.
  8. Mini City – (Plaza Rio) : Great learning experience for the kids where they can earn special treats like jumping on a trampoline, if they “earn” enough money working for the local vendors. Dress up and pretend to be a vet, doctor or fireman for 10 minutes and earn tickets to buy special treats.
  9. CECUT Tijuana Cultural Center (Plaza Rio) – Free Sundays and craft activities at Tijuana’s most renowned cultural center and museum. Interesting photography and art exhibitions, beautiful water fountain, 2 coffee shops, bookstore and gift shop, and the Imax or small Aquarium display is great entertainment for a little extra cost.
  10. Oh Zone (Agua Caliente) – End the day with a bang and let the kids run, jump or skate wild! They can choose rollerskating, video games or trampolines while you relax with a plate of nachos.




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