There are some pretty amazing Tijuana restaurants you can find, and several hundred more amazing street tacos.

Tijuana is literally the food capital of Mexico, some would argue.

We have the best street tacos in all of Mexico (and yes I’m biased!) and we even have cool concepts like Louisiana style Gumbo at Voodoo Stu’s and award winning chefs opening eateries like Mision 19.

I thoroughly enjoy finding the little Tijuana restaurant gems tucked away in the back neighborhoods and corners. And if I find a dish that is super divine, it makes me come back for more…well that is heaven.

The dishes aren’t always my favorite part of the meal though.

Sometimes the ambience of the restaurant, the amazing music playlist, the smell of fresh flowers, or the perfectly combined color palettes make me even happier. I love to take in and breathe all the love that someone put into their restaurant is just satisfying beyond measure.

There are so many Tijuana restaurants to visit. New ones open almost every day – I just can’t keep up.

So when I decide to go out as a special treat, I really want to make it special for all of us.

But it’s hard to hide my disappointment.

When I go to a restaurant that has high hopes of satiating my palate and the first thing I see is a TV situated directly above a gorgeous dining room, I want to cry.

Bar20 in Tijuana – a beautiful restaurant with TVs.

Not that I’m against good TV!

I have fond memories of Cheers and Seinfeld, and even some 60 minutes episodes being frequently consumed at my house, growing up.

And today we can enjoy series like Arrested Development, Brooklyn 99 and Game of Thrones, to every suspenseful or hilarious ending.

Sharing those scenes as a family, will bring us nostalgia, in later years. The boys and I crowd around a monitor, enjoying popcorn or snacks while we laugh or cry or wonder why.

Watching shows together can be magic. Eating together can also be magic.

So the feeling or lack of control whenever I’m eating at a restaurant in Tijuana is baffling. When the television is turned on, volume as high or higher than the conversation happening at the table, I would rather get up and leave.


And I hate to be the one who tells the restaurant manager to turn it off, or turn it down. There’s that crazy gringa again, what a party pooper.

The sadness that comes over me when everyone turns their head to watch the TV, instead of having a conversation, is overwhelming.

I long to buy one of those TV controls that allows you to turn off the tube from anywhere in close proximity.

If I can ask for one thing this Mother’s Day – please send me, directly from the heavens, this remote control.

And when you figure out how to make one for cell phone wifi connections…sign me up! Then I can enjoy my family and friends again, and an amazing plate of food.

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