Visiting TJ this weekend? The Tijuana weather is beautiful today! 80 degrees…sun bursting, warm enough for the beach.

But as the sun goes down, believe me, you will need a cover up or something to keep the chill off.

Tijuana being on the Pacific, is situated on one of the coldest ocean locations…an average 16 degrees colder than the Atlantic. So that ocean breeze feels amazing in the summer.

In the winter though, we are without insulation in our houses and most homes are pure concrete which means it retains the chill of a low 40 degree temperature on the coldest nights…until the sun has warmed up the roof and walls much later in the afternoon, the next day.

If you are planning to be inside most of the day, prepare for warm jackets, cozy socks, blankets and hats.

Those of you living in snow are snickering…I can hear you. But recently my family from Colorado came to visit and they complained the entire time how cold it was inside the house.

Outside, the house can be quite different because the sun warms up so nicely on sunny days.

Several winter days, we’ll decide to go to the park around lunchtime. I bundle up the kids in coats and hats and then step outside only to find it’s beautiful and sunny and quickly peel off the winter accessories to climb the beautiful trees.

Photo by Jlorbel Foto

Indoors can be misleading…and super cold.

10 Tips to Plan your Tijuana Visit in the Winter

  1. If you are visiting a hotel in Tijuana, bring an extra blanket. They do not have indoor heating in hotels.
  2. It’s very expensive to heat a pool so it’s best to assume every swimming pool is not heated in Mexico. Plan to swim only if you can bear the lowest temperature for the day (and hope they have a jacuzzi). We love Esotero Beach Hotel in Ensenada, especially for their jacuzzi and family-friendly vibe with ping pong tables and jet skiis to rent.
  3. Most hotels if they advertise a jacuzzi, are usually inside the room, not a shared jacuzzi by the pool. You can find in-room jacuzzis at Hotel Ticuan in downtown Tijuana. It’s a nice room within walking distance to the Revu.
  4. Find a coffee shop with a really good heat source for the coldest days. The Cafe Ben coffee shop in Playas, is owned by an American from Washington State, so he understands cold and prepares for the winter with a stack of firewood and a nice wood-burning stove. Don’t miss his authentic Cafe de la Olla (made from scratch) and a nice chess game next to the fireplace.
  5. Sounds cliche but dress in layers when you visit. That way you can enjoy the warmth of the sun during the day, and when you visit shady spots you won’t be caught with the chills. We never wore fleece in Colorado because indoors it was too hot, but here fleece can be a lifesaver on those 40-50 degree days.
  6. If you get desperate, drive around in the car for a bit to warm up in the sun (or just sit in the car and save the climate 😉
  7. If you are a baker, making a batch of cookies will help to heat up the house.
  8. Hats are very helpful since we lose 80% of body heat from the head, so rockin’ beanies around the surf and hipster crowds here is sure to please, anytime of year.
  9. Scarves or bandanas are pretty helpful, especially when Santa Ana winds come through, anytime between October – March, usually peaking in December. Dry hot winds will blow a lot of dust around so best if you can protect your eyes and nose during the storm.
  10. You can never go wrong with a creamy bowl of Fettucine Alfredo and a glass of wine to warm you up at Quattro Fogón Italiano (aka yummy Italian food). The ambience is small and cozy (better when packed with body heat), with brick walls and delicious oven fired BBQ or pesto pizzas. ( #protip: no free bread here, plan to pay. )


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