Tijuana sushi is different than authentic Japanese or American style sushi. This much I know.

I didn’t realize this until I tried sushi in Tijuana and had to get through all the Philadelphia cream cheese, in every single bite. California roll with philly, spicy tuna with philly, spider roll with philly, huge pile of rice with sweetened soy sauce and teriyaki sauce…and philly.

Oh yeah, the sweetened soy sauce. On most tables, you will see two different soy bottles. One of them is always sweet, as the Tijuanenses prefer, and the other is savory as we are used to, outside of Mexico.

Adding philly and sugar to the sauces, made a exotic dish from Japan a little more palatable for the locals who were not accustomed to the uncooked flavors. And so, a new plate of fusion Mexican Japanese food was born.

For me, the fusion flavors are a bit too sweet and constantly leave me craving the more traditional, savory and wasabi infused soy sauces and fish that I enjoyed back in the states. So I found a list of sushi places I frequent that are more experienced in handling the flavors that I crave without the sweetness.


On that note, I invite you to wander Tijuana and try out these five, locally loved, favorite Japanese kitchens in Tijuana:

Komasa :: One of the few teppanyaki tables in Tijuana

The Sushi Tap :: In the super trendy La Cacho area, closer to the Grand Hotel

Taiko :: Downtown Tijuana Location

Tai-Ki-Shi :: if you are closer to the Zona Rio area

Koi Sushi Playas :: if you are on the beach side in Playas



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